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Contents: 2000-2017
Bruce Emery

Skeptical Guitarist Publications

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Guitar From Scratch in 12 Lessons.

A teaching aid for group and individual instruction

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scratch sequel streamlined fingerstyle blues travis
music principles vol 2 jazz xmas xmas
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Welcome to the Skeptical Guitarist Publications Web Site. Bruce Emery here, Author and Publisher.

Since 1997, I've been offering the most straightforward and friendliest instructional music books on the surface of the planet, starting things off with the guitar and moving on to ukulele, baritone uke, mandolin and electric bass.

Just click on a cover image and you'll be shown to the individual page for the book of interest, which offers a brief description, table of contents, a music player with free audio tracks that accompany the text, and some sample pages.

The most recent additions to the catalog are the Ukulele Chord Melody book and the 1-page (front/back) laminated Ukulele Cheat Sheet.

There's a Testimonials page, which offers some very nice comments from readers about my teaching materials, and an Ordering page, which provides links to both online and brick-and-mortar music dealers where you can procure the goods.

But why buy MINE? 

I use Plain English and Simple Diagrams.
What a concept: Rather than trying to impress you with my own knowledge, I'll be helping you to enhance yours.

Here are five more reasons to consider buying my books:

(1) Continuity.I offer a spoon-fed, step-by-step approach. There is a steady flow of information, rather than the Hit-and-Run School of Thought. No gaps, no loose spots, no quantum leaps.

(2) Clear Page Layout.I’ve tried to design each page to be inviting to the eye, not clogged with information. Paragraphs are short and the margins are contoured so that the eye is swept along from line to line. Thoughts and sentences never spill over onto the next page.

(3) Simple Notation.Instead of relying on Standard Music Notation (the dots, beams and flags), I prefer to emphasize the language of the fretted instrument itself, a combination of Fretboard Diagrams and Tablature (Tab): simple pictures of which strings to hold down at which frets with which fingers.

(4) Friendly Exercises, Examples and Diagrams.This is the heart of the matter. We learn best by doing, so I’ve included straightforward educational activities along with easy-to-read graphics.

(5) Coil Binding.The books lie flat when you place them on a table or music stand---kind of a big deal!

In short, I’m not sure what I could do to make this material any clearer, more comprehensive or more fun to read.

There are also links to my FaceBook page and my YouTube channel. Browse around all you like, and use the email link if you have any questions or comments.

Be seeing you!